Equipment for MW-DX

Feedbox, equipped with push-down connectors for easy installation. The 470nF capacitor prevents 50Hz balance currents flowing from neutral to ground.

The feed cable arriving in the shack has no plug, so you can pull it through small holes during setup. It is then attached to a BNC adaptor and runs through the choke to the phasing unit or directly to the receiver. The choke is a FT114-77 torroid on which RG174 cable is wound (as many turns as possible) giving 900uH. This results in 5000 Ohm @ 1000kHz (2800 Ohm @ 500kHz) that sufficiently attenuates currents flowing on the coax shield of the feed line for MW. Any pickup of signals by the feed line is thus blocked from the receiver input.
A nice program calculating inductivity for torroids is here
, all data of the common types are already included.

Termination resistor in a waterproof pill tube. Uses also push-down connectors for screwless setup.

This is a two phasor in box unit. I left the old phasor in place and added a new one,
in order to try out the new one. The housing was original used for another purpose,
hence the odd connectors and labels.

Detail of the resistor termination of the EWE. The ground rod is a 1m threaded
8mm rod thus having a large surface for efficient soil contact.

Pulling a sealed plastic bag over tube and rod ensures good water protection

The same principal was used for the feed box and the screws of the rod.

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