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Map of all OIRT transmitters  (created: June 2020 from FMLIST data)

Map of Chinese 87.0 - 87.4 FM transmitters  

Map of Chinese 87.5 - 108 FM transmitters above 1 kW  

   The circle size represent the TRP (not the coverage range).
   Hold the cursor above a circle to see its data. Program-Names are not included.

Other Info
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Hepburn Ducting Maps  

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DAB-news (that DAB lobbyist refuse to accept)

The Illusions of the DAB Radio World  
It is startling to read:  
" The EBU ... is a non-governmental organization without any public transparency, much alike international organizations such as  
FIFA and IOC."  
It's disgusting to see where part of my license fee went.  
The Facts Behind the DAB Radio Failure in Sweden  

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