This section is about my logs, findings and technical developments on TV-DX and will be expanded.

Spectrum Waterfalls used to differentiate TV transmitters

Improving Video by using a Noise Reduction Adaptive Filter.
TV-card Modification to improve reception
Screenshots of my long distance TV reception
Video Clips of my long distance TV reception

Map of remaining Russian TV transmitters on channel R1   R2   R3   R4    (created: 2020, data source: FMLIST)
Map (2018) of Russian TV transmitters on channel R1
  R2    (above 99 Watts TRP: R1   R2 )

Map of Chinese TV transmitters on channel C1
   C2    C3

Map of Latin America TV transmitters on channels A2-A5
   A2   A3   A4    A5   A6   A2-A5 within path

Map of North America TV transmitters on channels  A2
   A3   A4    A5   A6   

   The circle size represent the TRP (not the coverage range).
   Hold the cursor above a circle to see its data. Program-Names are not included.

Other Info
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TV-DX forums

DX'ers fun:

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