TV-Logs-2008 in North Germany using rotateable 3-element antenna

R3 (Straseni MDA, 1600km) TVM 25-May-08

E2 (Navacerada ESP 1900km) TVE 24-May-08

R2 (Brjansk RUS, 1720km) 1TV with local ad, 25-May

E2 (Iran 3500 km) IRIB-2 8-June-08

R1 (Svisloch BLR 1000km) STV 28-Jun-08

E2 (Homs Syria 3050km) in arabic 2-July-08

IA TLA 9-July-08

R1 (Novosokolniki Pskow 1440km) RTR relaying Bibigon

R1 (Novosokolniki, Pskow ) RTR relaying Bibigon

R1 (Cahul MDA, 1650km) 2-Plus, 30 May-08

R1 (Buky UKR, 1660km) Inter 31-May-08

R1 (Budapest 1000 km) MTV 4-June-08

R1 (Budapest 1000 km) MTV 18-July-08

E3 (Lousa POR 2100km) RTP 16-Jun-08

R1 (Tula RUS 1900km) REN-TV 6-July-08

R1 (Moscow 1900km) 1TV 14-July-08

E2 (Navacerada ESP 1900km) TVE 9-July-08

E3 (Suweilih Jordania, 3260km) JRTV 20-07-08

unidentified screenshots
if you know what it is, please tell me

R2, from BLR, UKR or Baltics 21-June
time difference to Germany was 1h

R1, these 2 were made on 14-July at 17:14 UTC
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