In order not to repeat myself, only new received stations or changed pictures compared to 2009 are shown.
Otherwise see my TV-logs of the previous years.

R2 (UKR Sinelnikovo 1970km) K2 27-May

R3 (Moscow 1900km) TV-Tsentr, 1-June >>video

R3 (St. Petersburg, 1500km) 5TV 1-June

R1 (BRL Svisloch, 1360 km) STV
100W 6-June

R1 (Novosokolniki, 1429km) 9-June
RTR-Pskow with local Vesti

R3 (Vytegra, 1870km) RTR-Vologda
, 100W 7-June
showing local ad

R2 (Proletary,Novgorod, 1530km) RTR 5-Aug

E4 (ISL, Gagnheidi 1820km) RUV 26-May >>video

R2 (Balti MDA, 1450km) TVM 28-July

E3 (Alnabee Saleh, 3012 km) Syria 24-June

finally got local programming, text shows city name

R3 (Moscow 1900km) 3-Kanal
, 7-June >>video
shares R3 with TV-Tsentr

R3 (BLR Gomel, 1510km) ONT
very faint (H) logo TR

R1 (Tula, 1910 km) Domashnii, 1kW, exREN-TV, 10-June

R1 (Nadvoitsy,1860km) RTR-Karelia 9-June
constantly inserts temperature display

R3 RTR-Vologda
showing local Vesti-Vologda 7-June

R1 (UKR Brovary, 1570km) EKA-TV, 100 W 28-June

R1 (Cahul MDA, 1650km) 2-Plus 12-Aug

E4 (Pelister MKD, 1700km) MTB 6-June

9 - 12. Oct we had spectacular tropo across the
Baltic & Northsea

E40 (Koszalin POL, 563km) Polsat

R10 (Gdansk POL, 685 km) TVP1

IE (Kippure IRL, 963km) RTE1

IH (Kippure IRL, 963km) RTE2

E40 (Koszalin POL, 563km) Polsat

E6 (Húsareyn Faroers, 1289 km) with DR2 px

E6 (Húsareyn Faroers, 1289 km)

unidentified screenshots
if you know what it is, please tell me

A2 unid, tent from Carribic 31-May
showing part of a commercial

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