Waterfalls of channel R1
Thanks to Winradio-G305 connected to Spectrum-Lab a 20 kHz wide spectrum is now completely viewable in one chunk.

·Simferopol / Buky, UKR  
·Kryvy Rig, UKR  
·Cahul, Moldova  
·Unecha, Brjansk  
·Novosokolniki, Pskow  

This example shows a strong opening to the east on R1 covering the entire offset range
49.744.805 (drifting) BT1 Minsk, .747.398 1TV Moscow .750.000 1TV St. Petersburg, 755.239 unknown,
49.757.833 RTR Novosokolniki Pskow, .760.434 1TV unknown site

First 2007 opening
49.739.580 (tent UKR) 49.747.394 (1TV Moscow) 49.749.983 (1TV St. Petersburg) 49.757.610 (RTR Glubokoye)
Also note the number of weaker carriers, especially around 49.757.610.
It's interesting to see how the strengths from those 3 locations vary in relation to each other

St. Petersburg, Px= 1TV, plus a few other unids

Same as above but zoomed in, note the weak drifter.
Resolution cannot be set higher due to the 65535-FFT for 22kHz bandwidth

Px= 1TV, The carrier Tx is AM-modulated by 5Hz and thus it and all its 50Hz multiples have 5 Hz sidebands

Same as above but zoomed in

Strong opening to UKR with lots of co-channel interference

49.739.593 Simferopol or Buky, UKR, Px= Inter
Note the widening (pumping) of the spectrum every once in a while, the upper spectrum captures this moment.
Also the 100Hz sidebands are stronger than the 50Hz and show the same spectrum widening

49.739.586 Buky or Simferopol, UKR Px= Inter, the frequency is slighty lower than the above, the pumping is different, the sidebands don't pump as much, the 50Hz sidebands are stronger than the 100Hz

Signals from NW Russia: 49.750 Minsk & St. Petersburg, (49.755= UKR + 15625), above 49.757: see zoom below

49.757.833 Novosokolniki, Pskow Px= RTR
49.760.434 tent. Nyandoma, Archangelskaja, Both came along with Minsk

49.750.008 smeary, Kryvy Rig UKR, Px= 1+1
This fingerprint is unique: it has additional 125 Hz and 375 Hz sidebands

After Simferopol/Buky faded, this appeared: 49.749.905 with additional 15Hz sidebands,
49.750.074 clean

Cahul, Moldova on 49.749.986 video
had no logo, only Px logo BLC was seen, VBI = blank

49.739.586 1TV, Unecha, Brjansk (see zoom below)

Unecha, Brjansk zoomed

Strong short skip signals from Budapest 739.525 and 744.793 Nagykanisza, and from UKR

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