Anchorage TV carrier in Germany ?

In the night of 30-June-08 UK DXers reported receiving transatlantic carriers on TV channel A2.
I gave it a try and found this very weak carrier on 55.239.982 at 22:50. At that time DX-Sherlock
showed 6m skips northward, mainly to Svalbard

Around 23:50 very faint 60Hz sidebands appeared. I suspected it from the Carribean and to narrow down the direction I tried to move the antenna null in that direction, so NW should give a minmum. To my surprise the signal got stronger, and got strongest when the antenna finally pointed northward.

This shows a 3,5 minute stretch

At midnight the signal got strongest and then faded away, a little bit more strenght and I would have seen video.

So what was it?
I still suspected the 25Hz wide (= unstable) carrier coming from the Carribean, assuming Canada & US would use better transmitters. Cyrill suggested the signal coming from Anchorage, AL because the frequency matches. A bit far fetched I thought.

But then
Tony Mann, Australia wrote:
Anchorage is likely at 7200 km (4500 miles). QTF about 350 degrees, see  
JE7IDA has received it several times this season on 55.23999, once "wowing", see  
Here JE7IDA only quotes its frequency to the nearest 10Hz,  
so it must be unstable to a few Hz.  
Anchorage is also quoted as variable frequency, 55.23999V (June 10),  
Watch out also for the Alaskan data tx on 40.68963  

John Faulkner wrote:
I remember at the time DXers on 11m were calling for "trans-polar" DX.  
I have never heard this before on 11m.  
Cyril wrote
Maps was showing northern skip at the time. Amazing conditions. Which I'd  
checked it further at then time!  
Congratulations Jurgen.  
> Thanks Cyril,  
> I saw those 6m Europe-maps also, but never concluded that it goes so far north  
I don't have a final proof which should have been a video picture, but all indicators point to KTUU Anchorage Alaska.
It is a pitty that in Feb 2009 the US stops analog TV, so I will never have a chance of another trans-polar TV reception.

Thanks go to all who contributed arguments and facts, especially to Tony Mann.


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